Passion for beauty


Why do Hi-Fi and Rack have to be ugly ?
Do design and functionality have to be in contrast with each other? We say no, indeed they must be in synergy; sight and hearing are connected to each other on a sensory level and when the eye is satisfied, when we are happy to admire our Hi-Fi system, we are more predisposed to listening and … let’s call it Psychoacoustics, hearing benefits.

Methacrylate (Plexiglass) is more transparent than glass and has the reflection of crystal (unlike glass which tends to green); our beloved electronics will seem suspended in the air and can be admired from every angle.  

We all also know how much the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) depends on design elements and how these increase or decrease the likelihood that she will approve the purchase of expensive consumer electronics products such as an high fidelity or home theater system. The Crystal Rack comes to our aid and allows us to avoid or resolve nerve-wracking discussions and perhaps convince her to listen to good music together.