The Decoupling


Premise: “A Rack will never improve the sound but will allow it to express itself at its best, isolating the electronics from the vibrations and resonances transmitted by walls and floors”. How to do ?

The shelves and legs are in high-thickness methacrylate (the one used in anti-noise barriers), already limiting the transmission of micro vibrations.

The 3mm washers in 90Sh Transparent Polyurethane Elastomer (material used in industrial machinery and overhead cranes) have remarkable properties of absorption of vibrations, converting part of the energy into heat, decoupling the shelves from the feet.

The Spikes, concentrating all the weight in a few points, change the resonance frequencies; and the lower the resonance frequencies, the greater the energy needed to make the structure vibrate.

The final decoupling between the Rack structure and the supporting floor is obtained by means of a NBR 70 sh rubber disc placed under the large final sub-point.

To obtain a further decoupling, instead of the standard sub-centers, you can put the DAM 100, which through their ball and spring technology incredibly improve the decoupling.

The PRO models of the Crystal Rack make abundant use of DAM technology to “raise the bar” to absolute Reference levels in the world of Hi-End Racks.

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