Stand PRO

Stand PRO The PRO Model is the 4-Legged Stand of the PRO Line, suitable for housing the precious electronics of the Hi-End Final Amplifiers. It is characterized by the use of DAM technology with steel ball decoupling. The Base has a double decoupling obtained with an elastomer disc between the shelf and the leg and […]


Xturn Xturn is the sub-base for turntables of the eXreme Line and suitable for high-level and Hi-End turntables. It can be used alone with spikes or placed on the top shelf of the 4-leg Racks (Crystal-4, PRO) or on the 6-, 8-leg AVs (Crystal-6, Crystal-8) It is built around a robust X-shaped structure in 20mm […]

Crystal eXtreme

CRYSTAL eXtreme The eXtreme Model is a 4-Leg Rack with an X structure (also called spider) suitable for high-level Hi-Fi and Hi-End components. Each shelf floats on 4 steel ball decouplers. It can be assembled with a different number of shelves: from Single, typically used as a sub-base for Amplifiers, to models with 2,3,4 floors […]


RAKS Electronic Cabinets As our slogan says, our Racks are a mix of essential Design and a concentration of technology. The transparency and brilliance of the Acrylic Crystal highlight the technical details that make them up, but above all put our electronics in the foreground. The various steps of technological solutions proposed in the various […]

Tailor Made

TAILOR MADE We make your projects Technology and Craftsmanship “Tailor Made” Service What does the Service consist of ? Crystal Rack is an artisanal and highly customer-oriented reality, backed by two technologically well-equipped companies with great experience in the choice and processing of plastic and ferrous materials; we can therefore intervene in every single phase […]

eXteme PRO Line

eXtreme PRO We are always looking for solutions that improve the performance of our products. A new range of Hi-END Racks is being studied, which goes beyond the Crystal PRO and eXtrime Lines. The structure will be composed of a mix of methacrylate (Plexiglass) and stainless steel. The production will always take place using modern […]

eXtreme Line

eXtreme The eXtreme Line is our brand new Hi-END line, which joins the Crystal PRO. The idea behind this line is to make each shelf independent of the structure and to have an even more captivating aesthetic appearance.As with our turntable shelves or our most advanced Stands, the use of mechanical ball decouplers takes center […]



Line Crystal PRO

CRYSTAL PRO The Crystal PRO line is our Hi-END line, one step higher than the excellent Crystal Rack. The use of mechanical ball decouplers becomes predominant. . The solid structure in methacrylate (Plexiglass) and stainless steel that characterizes our racks remains. Production using modern laser and CNC milling machines and handcrafted finishing. Technical Characteristics The […]

Rack Range

Racks The range of Crystal Rack electronic cabinets is divided into 2 main families: Hi-FI High Fidelity and AV Audio Video. Within the High Fidelity family we have two Standard lines for Hi-FI and two for Hi-End. Shelves with swinging shelves are made (typically used for turntables) Even the Audio Video line is distinguished by […]