The Crystal PRO line is our Hi-END line, one step higher than the excellent Crystal Rack. The use of mechanical ball decouplers becomes predominant. . The solid structure in methacrylate (Plexiglass) and stainless steel that characterizes our racks remains. Production using modern laser and CNC milling machines and handcrafted finishing.

Technical Characteristics

The shelves and legs are made of high-thickness methacrylate (the one used in anti-noise barriers) already limiting the transmission of micro-vibrations.

The decoupling between the shelves and the legs is obtained by rings in 3mm Transparent Polyurethane Elastomer 90Sh, a material used in industrial machinery and bridge cranes, which has remarkable vibration absorption properties.

Compared to the Crystal Rack Standard, the tips disappear and are replaced by mechanical decouplers (specially made for our racks by the DAM specialist) which decouple each shelf/leg module from the others.

The final decoupling is obtained with DAM 100 screwed to the lowest leg resting on the floor. All mechanical decouplers have locknuts to finely adjust their heights and level all floors.


The range of Crystal PRO cabinets for electronics consists only of 4-Leg base models. Modularity is total with the possibility of mixing the Crystal shelves with the PRO ones; it is also possible to upgrade from the Crystal line to the Pro line by replacing the base of the Legs. The PRO electronics stands, in addition to the anti-vibration table of the Crystal Plus stand, have a second decoupling thanks to the DAM 100 screwed to the structure of the legs.


4 Legs


4 Legs

The Accessories​

To complete the Crystal PRO range, we have created specific components for the turntable, which can still be used for any other precious source. The decoupling is double with the use of double mechanical decouplers.

Turntable Desk

Shelf for Wall Turntable