The eXtreme Line is our brand new Hi-END line, which joins the Crystal PRO. The idea behind this line is to make each shelf independent of the structure and to have an even more captivating aesthetic appearance.
As with our turntable shelves or our most advanced Stands, the use of mechanical ball decouplers takes center stage. The solid structure in methacrylate (Plexiglass) remains with technical components in stainless steel which is further decoupled between the individual levels and the floor. All, as always, produced by means of modern laser machinery and CNC milling machines and artisan finishing.

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Technical Characteristics

The shelves and legs are made of high-thickness methacrylate (the one used in anti-noise barriers) already limiting the transmission of micro-vibrations.

The decoupling between the structure and the legs is obtained with rings in 3mm Transparent Polyurethane Elastomer 90Sh, a material used in industrial machinery and bridge cranes, which has remarkable vibration absorption properties.

Here, compared to the Crystal models, each shelf is floating on four mechanical steel ball decouplers (specially made for our racks by the DAM specialist) which decouple them from the X-shaped supporting structure (or spider as it is often called).

The final decoupling between the Rack structure and the support floor is obtained by means of a NBR 70 sh rubber disc placed under the large final underlay. All points and mechanical decouplers have locknuts to finely adjust their heights and level all planes.


The range of Crystal eXtreme cabinets for electronics is composed only of 4-Leg base models. Modularity is total and it is possible to mix the eXtreme shelves with those of the Crystal lines. The Xstand stands for electronics use the same anti-vibration system as the eXtreme shelves, as well as all the technologies of the Crystal series.


4 Legs


4 Legs

The Accessories

To complete the eXtreme range, we have created specific components for the Turntable, which can still be used individually or combined with elements from other Crystal Rack series. The decoupling is obtained with the same technologies used for the shelves of the series.

Shelf for Wall Turntable