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Technology and Craftsmanship

"Tailor Made" Service

What does the Service consist of ?
Crystal Rack is an artisanal and highly customer-oriented reality, backed by two technologically well-equipped companies with great experience in the choice and processing of plastic and ferrous materials; we can therefore intervene in every single phase of the process. Our Mission is to realize Customers’ Ideas by making our knowledge and experience available.
The “Made to Measure” service was born for this reason and is made up of two levels: The first is based on product Customization, the second goes further and allows the customer to Create new solutions from scratch.


Each product in the Crystal Rack range can be modified according to customer needs. We can intervene on many factors: on the dimensions and shape of the shelves, on the height of the legs, on the choice of the tips and decouplers to be assembled and much more. Just ask and we will be happy to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Create from Scratch​

The second Step of the “Made to Measure” service consists in giving the customer a blank sheet in hand. Crystal Rack will make its skills available and will accompany him in the choices and planning up to the creation of the finished product: a Unique Exemplary owned by the customer and not reproducible for anyone else.