Stand PRO

The PRO Model is the 4-Legged Stand of the PRO Line, suitable for housing the precious electronics of the Hi-End Final Amplifiers. It is characterized by the use of DAM technology with steel ball decoupling.

The Base has a double decoupling obtained with an elastomer disc between the shelf and the leg and a final decoupling with a DAM 100 screwed onto the leg. The DAMs have locknuts to finely adjust the heights and level all the floors

Built entirely in methacrylate and steel, worked by very high precision machinery and maniacally finished with the craftsmanship of the typical Made in Italy. It combines the knowledge and passions of the two owners of INDAT Plastic and DAM in a single product with excellent performance.

Stand size: 600 x 500 mm
Useful size: 600 x 500 mm
Base Shelf Thickness: 20mm
Leg heights: 100 mm
Floor support: DAM100